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  • As one of the leading companies of the Korea knit industry, Hyochang is expanding out based on the knowhows and technology of 37 years. Hyochang factory was established on 1980, and constructed an extension equipped with latest facilities at A-san city on 2000. To meet the pouring orders and various demands of the buyers with the best quality, quick delivery and reasonable price, the dyeing factory was constructed on 1994.
  • As a result, hyochang has been thoroughly furnished with a total manufacturing equipment which covers all the process from knitting to dyeing. Hyochang is confident of being an international company specializing in knit fabric which provides the buyer with the best quality in the shortest term.
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  • For the past 37 years Hyochang has solely dash forwarded in the textile industry with our customers honestly.
  • Hyochang pursues the customer satisfaction before everything else through sensational creativity, intuition preceding the trend of an era and business based on the responsibility and trust. Customer's success and happiness is namely Hyochang's.